Cut Tari Apologize For Her Scandal Video

Cut tari who is known as a Presenter who involved in a Scandal Video with Ariel Peterporn finally Apologize to all Citizens in Indonesia due to her Scandal Video with Ariel. Cut Tari also admit that she has a special relationship with ariel and involved in that Video.

In front of the press accompanied by legal counsel,, Hotman Paris Hutapea, and her husband, Johannes Joesoef Subrata, Cut Tari said, fighting back tears, implicitly has acknowledged his involvement in the Cut Tari Ariel Hot Video Scandal

Cut Tari apologize because she recognizes the video, that is her there is an intimate relationship with Ariel,” said Cut Tari Lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea when talking with detikhot by phone Friday (07/09/2010).

Before speaking, Cut Tari visible sighs deeply and then she speaks a sentences below:

“To Mr President of the Republic and the first lady, Mr Chief of Police along with his wife, and investigators Police Headquarters, Religious leaders and community leaders who I respect , The parents and the people of Indonesia …

On behalf personally and on behalf of my family who apologized profusely. ” We apologize for the recent news concerning myself that has caused unrest in society. Once again I apologize … “
Watch Cut Tari Apologize Video

After saying an apology is, Cut Tari was powerless to hold back tears. After Cut Tari Apologize, she shocks when her status was become a suspect in this case. and not long after Cut Tari Apologize, Luna Maya another Victim on this case also made the same statements as Cut Tari. yeah Luna Maya also made an Apologize to all citizens in Indonesia.
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