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Ariel BCL Hot video? is it true? if so this could be the next part of nazriel ilham scandal video, several weeks ago Indonesian people was shocked due to ariel vs luna maya scandal video as well as Ariel Cut tari Hot Video. unlike the previous nazriel ilham scandal which is spread through the internet, the third video of Ariel BCL was spread on VCD disc media. it is said that the Hot Video of Ariel vs BCL was spread in Manado. Many people in manado was shocked due to this news, they try to get the real Ariel BCL video. it was said that the VCD that contains Ariel vs BCL scandal was sold for Rp.60.000.

Until now the police still investigate the truth about Ariel BCL Video. BCL ( Bunga Citra lestar ) was known as Indonesian Singer which is married to Ashraff Sinclair, BCL manager said that the gossip of Ariel BCL Video is not true. and he support Indonesian police to investigate this case.

The terms of "Ariel BCL Hot Video" was became a hot search on google today as well as on twitter, this terms became a twitter trending topics, many people search about the Download link for Ariel BCL Video. Maybe the police will invite BCL to their office for the further investigation.

Hope that you can find the right Download Ariel BCL Hot Video. but be careful for the virus.
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