Oh in Hye Hot Orange Grecian Dress at Busan international film festival

Oh in Hye Appearance at 16th Busan international film festival has drawn so many attention, her name became one of the hottest korean actress in the internet, due to her controversial dress at the 16th busan international film festival red carpet.

here's little biography of Oh In Hye.

Name: Oh In Hye 오인혜 / 吴仁惠
Date of Birth: Apr 26, 1987
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
About: On Oct 6 2011, little known newcomer Korean actress Oh In Hye 오인혜 / 吴仁惠 became an overnight sensation right after she walked down the red carpet at the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in a daring orange Grecian goddess-inspired dress with a plunging neckline that drew everyone's attention with her glamorous appeal.

I'm still partly amazed how she is able to walk elegantly yet carefully not to expose herself accidentally. Whatever happened, the facts are - she is drop-dead-gorgeous and "those" are definitely natural, and now everyone definitely wants a piece of Oh In Hye after making headlines all over the world!

Here's more photos of Controversial oh in hye orange grecian dress at BIFF (busan international film festival)

see the Video of On in Hye at BIFF.

Oh in Hye Hot Orange Grecian Dress at Busan international film festival Oh in Hye Hot Orange Grecian Dress at Busan international film festival Reviewed by Chika Anindita on 4:32 AM Rating: 5


  1. Now she is famous world-wide, she did not need the dress, just her beauty would have done the job........ beautiful

  2. is it me or is her left one bigger

  3. The left is always bigger dumbass. Its where your heart is.

  4. the dress doesnt look well made unless she intentionally wanted to show 4/5ths of her boobs and side-boobs .. it looks like a dress for a taller person ..
    just saying .. just coz she is korean doesnt mean she cannot look skanky

  5. lol at how much effort they put in trying to spot a nip slip. Haha. pervs.

  6. sexy but not in a classy way. i definitely wouldn't wear something revealing so much if my boobs sagged like hers. and she definitely had a nose job.

  7. It's an eastern thing go to an extreme in an attempt to imitate the west, its just they have no sense of moderation. We shoot an action movie they film a blood gore fest, we show a hot woman in a beautiful dress they will walk round naked.
    I find it kind of embarassing, its just attention seeking, she did not need to wear a crappy dress to let people no she has boobs. How is she going to explain that to her children, people from the east are very critical of others, how are her children going to feel (if she has any) when they find class mates carrying round a pick of their mother with her tits practically hanging out of a dress.

  8. sagged means natural.

  9. if the left one is bigger, someone should suck it.

  10. Too much...she's seeking for an attention. Not really classy IMO..

  11. Dear that anon who said the LEFT is ALWAYS BIGGER, it is NOT. It is normal to have one breast bigger than the other, but some girls, like me, are bigger in the right..

  12. The dress is designed to cover most of the breasts and up to the shoulders. One can see that the chick twisted the loops of fabric so many times that the covering area shrank. It is pathetic that she was so obvious and juvenile about seeking sex appeal, which thus diminishes the appeal. However if the media is going to over- publicize such events, then expect more weak minded, foolish attention-junkies to do such things of ill manner.
    I see these gimmicks as admission of lack of enough acting skills or musical ability to gain a multitude of admiration. Much like those that expect to lose, brag the most when they win by mere luck. Great people are great, while others need to tell themselves that they are, or need to be told often. I see the lot of girls that dye their hair blonde to receive compliments at the office in the same negative view as this Korean gal. It is no better simply because more persons have done it. In fact both actions are unoriginal today. If one is to be a breaker of normality, then at least be unique in what is done. So many persons seek to stand out from the "norm" by doing the normal ways of "standing out."

  13. Haters will hate. Fuck all you'll

  14. its a greecian dress, the twist on the straps are not really intensional...its just the fashion part!
    as said haters will hate...
    she was looking fine!
    and as for east and west debate, they both excel at different looks alltogether! that korean model(or watever) has a better skin type than any from the west! and she was one on many such beautiful eastern chicks!! remember that well!


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