Dulce María - Beautiful Mexican Babes

Hi maybe this february we will post several about latinas models and also latinas girls, have you read about thalia?? and also Gabriela Spanic and Priscilla de la cruz?? now we have another girls from mexico, which is known as Actress, singer and also and author, she is also known as telenovelas actrss, her name was Dulce Maria, in my opinion, even she's a latinas girls, but she looks like an european girls, but that's only my opinion, every people has their own opinion about something. OK we also has her picture set, a picture set of Dulce María - Beautiful Mexican Babes.. Enjoy!!

Dulce María (born Dulce María Espinoza Saviñón, December 6, 1985) is a Mexican actress, singer, songwriter and author born in Mexico City, Federal District.

Dulce María - Beautiful Mexican Babes Dulce María - Beautiful Mexican Babes Reviewed by Chika Anindita on 8:40 PM Rating: 5


  1. Mirip apaan.... Jelas jelas cewek mexico nya cantik banget... Masa dibandingin ama mulan jamila yang norak dan kendur gitu.... Langit dan buymi lah..

  2. yang pasti.... kalah togenya kqkqkqkqk

    si mulan mah kutilang darat :D:D:D:D

    kalo ini montoxzz.... :D:D:D

  3. ha ha ha ha ha ha jangan mimpi dooong!!!! saya gak buta bos... udah jelas gadis meksiko yang cantik n hoooottss ha ha ha

  4. Wow...very nice pic. I wish can meet her directly :D


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