Thalia - Mexican Multi Talented Woman

Have you heard about Thalia before?? she was a Mexican actress and also a singer, she was known in telenovelas.. like gabriela spanic which was called as the telenovelas queen, this woman also worth to be called like that, since she was the most popular telenovelas actress in the 90's era, she start her debut as an actress in 1986.. oh yeah for your info. this woman was also nominated by People magazine as one of the Most beautiful people in 2007.. she's beautiful, and has a multiple talents..

Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda (born August 26, 1971 in Mexico City, Mexico), known as Thalía, is a Mexican singer and actress with multiple Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard nominations

OK this is a little biography of Thalia - Mexican Multi Talented Woman

In Latin America, she is regarded as the “Queen of Telenovelas” or as the “Latin Pop Diva” because her telenovelas as well her music were highly successful all around the world. She has won numerous awards in Mexico as a singer and actress. She is also a businesswoman, fashion designer, record producer and writer. Her husband is the American music executive Tommy Mottola

Thalia as a Singer

Thalía is, arguably, Latin America’s most popular female singer. Thalía has also contributed to maintain her prominent position in the pecking order of the Latin world by becoming involved with a string of influential (and increasingly powerful) men throughout her life. In 1984, aged thirteen, Thalía participated in a stage production of Grease along a few members of Timbiriche, then a massively popular (and awfully bad) teenage-oriented band. From then onwards, Thalía has gone from strength to strength, releasing a string of increasingly good albums with even better singles, which came to an abrupt halt when she decided to cross over into the English-speaking market. Well, I think that I’ve spoken enough about Thalía. However, I can’t finish this article without recommending you to buy her latest album El Sexto Sentido, which is a simply fabulous return to form, and feature’s Thalía’s best vocals ever

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  1. I like Thalia,beautiful, talented and blessed!!!

  2. troppppppppppppppp bellllllllllllllle

  3. yo la amo
    es mi cantante favorita
    es mi idol

  4. filipinos love thalia, her songs and telenovelas...........

  5. beautiful, most of her role in telenovelas were simple,descent girl which most of the filipinos like.


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