Carla Bruni on Midnight in Paris

Carla Bruni the first lady of France which is known as the models in the past now can fulfill her dreams to be a movie star. The wife of Nikolas Sarkozy will play in the movie titled Midnight in Paris along with Hollywood Star Owen Wilson. Waw this could be a great movie since this is the first movie where the wife of a president take part on it. So Have you seen the Midnight In Paris Movie Trailer?

During The filming, imposed tight security along the road. Understandably, hundreds of people crowded to see up close how the former model’s acting. Thus reported by AFP on Wednesday (28/07/2010).

Actual shooting has been done since the beginning of this month, but not involving Carla. This romantic comedy genre film also stars French actress Marion Cotillard as well as American stars, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bate. How good is carla's bruni acting on this movie?

Carla Bruni looks really beautiful on these picture above, well i think she’s the most beautiful first lady in the world and now she’s became a movie star.
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