Celebrity with almost perfect body

Perfect Body means that they have a very beautiful body shape and a proportional body. such as height, breast, bottom and face absolutely.

I got this list below from a forum that stated that this girls was have the most perfect body in the world, I'm sure that not only a man could love their perfect body but i think some woman will jealous of their body.

Who are they?? just check this out and find out who is the celebrity with almost perfect body.

we'll start this Celebrity with perfect body from number 10. OK we got Katie Price a.k.a Jordan in this number.

10. Katie Price a.k.a Jordan

9. Kate Moss

8. Keeley Hazell

7. Lily Allen

6. Megan Fox

5. Beyonce Knowles

4. Cheryl Cole

3. Halle Berry

2. Kelly Brook

1. Kate Winslet

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