Ga Young Kim Hot Billiard Players

At this opportunity girlsmodele will give you an unusual girls from billiards. her name was Ga young Kim, she is a korean babe. beside known as one of the best billiard player in Korea, this babe also has the beautiful looks.

Ga Young kim was born on 13 January 1983 in Seoul Korea. she has so many billiards title such as 2004 US Open, 2004 World Championships, 2006 WPA World Nine-ball Women's Champions(Amway cup.), 2006 Asian Games 8-ball Silver Medal, 2007 Asian Indoor Games 9-ball Silver Medal, 2007 Carolina Women's Billiard Classic Champion, 2008 WPA World Nine-ball Women's Runner-up(Amway cup.), 2009 WPBA U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships, 2009 WPBA Colorado Classic

She was also known as the little devil hmm i wonder why they call her as a little devil since she has an angel looks. she has a typical Korean Babe looks.

She looks beautiful when she focus on the ball.. i wonder if i can beat her on billiards game..

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