Elizabeth Gutiérrez Photo and Profile

Elizabeth Gutierrez was known as a model and a telenovela actress. she is also known as the ex-partner of William Levy, last week the news about their broke up was circulated all over Internet. Many of elizabeth gutierrez fans was asking why does Elizabeth and William Separate?

Before we talk more about Elizabeth Gutierrez Relationship with William Levy why don't we look into her Biography and Profile first?

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Profile and Bio

Full Name : Elizabeth Gutiérrez Nevárez
Place of Birth : Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Date of Birth : 1 April 1979

Elizabeth was famous for her role in El Rostro de Analia and El Fantasma de Elena Telenovelas. You can read further about Elizabeth Gutierez Filmography here and now how about her relationship with william levy?

Elizabeth Gutierrez and William Levy was never married, they’re still not married, they’re engaged. And several days ago there’s a rumor about elizabeth gutierrez and william levy was separated. Elizabeth Gutierrez sent a statement announcing that she was ending their relationship for 8 years with William Levy. Here’s Elizabeth Gutierrez Statement.

Through this statement, I want to make public that I made the decision to end the relationship I have had for eight years with William Levy. I always stood firm beside William, despite persistent rumors to which then dismissed because he had no reason to doubt the strength of our union. Volume determination to end this relationship for the sake of my children and myself. I confess that the decision has not been easy, but I must respect above all as a person, wife and mother

There's still so many reason about why elizabeth gutierrez ended her relationship with william levy. for more gossips, you can follow Elizabeth Gutierrez Twitter or any other related news on the internet. here's some of my favorite elizabeth Gutierrez Photo.

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