Hoda Fadel - Lebanon Hot Babe

Miss the beauty of Mid East girls?? after a long absence from girlsmodele, now we will presenting another Hot Middle East Girls. her name was Hoda Fadel.. seems that she is as sexy as Denise Milani. Look at the picture in the left. she is as hot as denise milani right?? don't you think so??

Hoda Fadel is an Arabic-Lebanese model who is strikingly beautiful because, I think, of her deliciously attractive skin tone and Cleopatra eyes and long, slim legs that are out of this world.

When she isn't modelling for the camera, Hoda has a love of boating and yachting--indeed so long as she is on the water, she is in her personal heaven.

Fadel frolicks on the waves in her catamaran, where she loves to hit high speeds and feel the hot, middle eastern sun on her shoulders and the wind whistling through her long, dark hair.

Hoda Fadel is employed with the Nadel Modelling agency in Lebanon

Now let's Enjoy Hoda Fadel - Lebanon Hot Babe

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