Sexy Hot Genie - Diana Pungky

This beautiful woman was known as Indonesian celebrity on the 1990's. she's known when she play the role as the genie from the bottle on popular Indonesian movie.. if you see clearly at her photo you won't know the her real age.. for your information only this sexy hot genie was 35 years old now.. that's really amazing in her age she still looks so young and sexy..

In this photo set we'll brought you her pose on Popular Magazine and also with her biography. so just enjoy this pretty genie.. and let's meet Sexy Hot Genie - Diana Pungky

Full Name : Diana Indah Pertiwi Pungky
Famous Name : Diana Pungky
Place / Date of Birth : Jakarta, 12 March 1974
Education : Asian Business School
Job : Model, Movie Star
Favorite Singer : Madonna
Favorite Actress : Demi Moore
Height / Weight : 163 cm / 43 kg

Here is your genie in the bottle.. Just Click this Thumbnail to Call out this Genie

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