Middle Age beauty of Samira Said

Who know if this woman was 48 years old!! this beautiful woman was Samira Said, she was known as arabic singer which was born on January 10 1961,

Unlike all the previous mid eastern beauty now we present you the beauty of middle age woman like her, at the first time i see that photo of Samira said, i was shocked when i know she is now 48 years old!! this Singer now lives in Cairo, Egypt with her son.

As the singer i think she's marvelous, i heard her song titled "Baasyar alwa" and i like that song, even that i don't understand the arabic verse but i can understand the meaning of the entire song.. maybe that told us that all the nation was united together.. and the best of all she sings that song with 3 languages, arabic, english and france.. what a talent that she has. now in this unique opportunity we'll presenting you this Middle Age beauty of Samira Said

Born in Rabat,in 1961 Morocco, Samira began singing at an early age. Before moving to Egypt, Samira had had several successful Moroccan singles such as "Kifash Tlakina", "Fayetli sheftek shi marra" and "Sarkouh". In 1979 Samira moved to Egypt

Samira began singing professionally at the age of 9. In 1980 Said sang Morocco's first (and so far only) entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. In the early 1980s, Said recorded a song called "Al hob Elli Ana Aichah", composed by Mohamad Sultan. As a result, many of her songs are critically acclaimed, such as "Asmar malak", "Malak moch zay aweydak", "Sayidati anissati sadati", "Ech gab li gab", "El Leila dee", "Min ghir sabab", "Amrak ajib", "Al gani Baad Yomeen", "Mosh Hatnazel Anak" and "Alf Leila wal Leila".

The title track was popular in the Arab world. With the Rohi (My soul) album, Said experimented with new producers and lyricists creating a grand album. The array of the many styles she experimented established new ground rules for the Arab song. In 2000, we witnessed the release of “Lailah Habeebee,” (One night, my love) the title track of the album, won the best video award in the Arab world for 2001[citation needed]. “Yom wara Yom” was very cleverly crafted, in every possible way. The album had the great collaboration with Cheb Mami. In 2004 Samira's new album is out and this album was a success too, with the singles 'Aweeny Beek' which video is shooted at Barcelona (Spain) and 'Ma khalas'. A promotional Concert for this Album promotion took place at Cairo in 2005 will Samira sang too Youm Wara Youm.
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