Sherlyn Chopra Post her Nude Pics on Twitter

Earlier this morning i heard about Sherlyn Chopra nude pics was leaked, according to timesofindia. Sherlyn Chopra post her nude pics to twitter on her birthday saying "Thx a ton for all ur wishes!! Here's one more on public demand !!! I was born this way!!' .

Well it sounds right about what sherlyn chopra say, we all born that way. Sherlyn chopra is not too famous for her works as an actress or singer but she's famous for many of her hot photos in the internet. And once again, Sherlyn return to the same formula to attract attention by her naked photo which she post on her birthday to twitter.

Reported by, regardless of any criticism, Sherlyn simply responds, "You all can call me anything, but my skin is very sexy. I was the leader of the excitement and I have a very sexy game. I can not be stopped!"

Sherlyn then add comments to a few other pictures, "Thank you so much with the attention and love you tweeps for my birthday hope. Can I upload more photos again?"

So will sherlyn chopra upload more of her naked pics? Let's see. here's some of her naked photo which she posted on twitter (Sorry we have to censor the photo)

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