Shanelle Loraine a Sexy Billiard Babe

Shanelle Loraine is a sexy Pro Pool player from Japan, Shanelle was also known as one of the billiard hottie. here's shanelle loraine short bio and some of interesting photo of shanelle loraine a Sexy pro pool player.

Biography for Shanelle Loraine

• Date of Birth: March 25th
• Birthplace: Misawa, Japan
• Hometown: Guam, USA
• Residence: Orlando, Florida
• Occupation: Professional Pool Player
• Height: 5'1
• Hair Color: Brown
• Eye Color: Golden Brown
• Website:

Shanelle began playing pool in 2000, and played on the University of Central Florida pool team for four years. Shanelle trains in Orlando FL, and is coached by Top World CRanked Pro, Charlie Williams and Senior Tour Pro, Wayne Catledge. She has had the personal assistance and insight in 3-cushion by World Champion, Semith Sayginer of Turkey. And has also has assistance with trickshots from World Champions Mike Massey and Stefano Pelinga of Rome, Italy

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