Kim Kardashian Caught Without Make Up in Los Angeles Gym

Have you seen the real faces of Kim Kardashian without make up? I thought that kim was that beautiful such as this photo on the left, but when i saw the photo of kim kardashian natural face then i found that kim is not that beautiful. this is the real faces of kim kardashian.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (02/01/2012), This 31-year-old actress was caught on camera without makeup when visiting the gym in Los Angeles.

Unlike when She appears in public, then Kim's face looks very pale. She was immediately covered her face with big glasses when out of her white Ferrari.

Kim appeared wearing leggings, sleeveless shirt and sporty shoes when the paparazzi took the photo of her. A few hours earlier, Kim had posted new photos on her personal Twitter account, The photo shows her major cleavage. Yesterday Kim kardashian also go for a topless pose for promoting her denim collection.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian real faces without make up? do you still think that she's really beautiful? check out some of Kim Kardashian without make up photo that i found on the internet.

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Anonymous said...

I luv kim....stop hating

Anonymous said...

i also love it

Anonymous said...

Average!!!! Most females around the world look way better then this. #Fact

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