Top 10 Hottest Serbian Girls

Who is the hottest serbian girls? Here's the list of the sexiest and hottest girls from Serbia, I'm sure all of you have familiar with Ana ivanovic, she's one of the hottest serbian girls on this list. but how about another?

10. Stanija Dobrojevic

Hometown: Ruma

Claim to fame: An economics student following in the footsteps of her politician father, Dobrojevic broke out as Serbia's first Internet star through her ability to take over social media websites. Not too long after that, she was dubbed the “Serbian sex bomb” and posed for Maxim, FHM, and Playboy.

9. Manja Babovic

Hometown: Belgrade

Claim to fame: This young model is mostly known for her work in Sports Illustrated, and she's also one of Serbia's rising faces of fashion. She’s not the only one who’s given her family a big name, though; her brother, Stefan, plays midfield for Serbia’s top soccer club Partizan FC, and her father is a very successful businessman. But here's the best part: She’s single and looking for a guy who can help her “fulfill all her fantasies” (have your translator ready). Line up, gents; maybe she’ll let you drive her daddy’s Lambo.

8. Bojana Novakovic

Hometown: Belgrade

Claim to fame: Novakovic should look familiar to eagle-eyed genre movie lovers. In recent years, she's made her mark in Hollywood through films such as Drag Me To Hell, Edge Of Darkness, and Devil. Keep an eye out for this rising film star; we already know you can’t take them off of her at this very moment.

7. Maja Latinovic

Hometown: Banatsko Veliko Selo

Claim to fame: Latinovic is a very accomplished runway model who’s covered everything from Vogue to Harper’s Bazaar. Who would have thought that a young girl from a village of 3,000 people would end up headlining campaigns for the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta, and Versace? She's like the female version of Borat, only real, and, you know, not a baffoon.

6. Danjela Dimitrovska

Hometown: Pozarevac

Claim to fame: At this point in the list, it seems wise to let everyone know that you pronounce the “J” in Serbian names as “yeah”—a little cultural enlightenment never hurts. Now, back to the program. Dimitrovska is one of Serbia’s most prominent models, owning the runways of Paris, London, and New York while acting as a spokesperson for brands such as Louie Vouiton & BCBG

5. Jelena Ristic

Hometown: Belgrade

Claim to fame: Novak Djokovic wouldn’t be a true champion without scoring on and off the court. Ristic, his long-time girlfriend (and soon to be wifey?) is a regular attendee at his matches, cheering him on while enjoying more camera time than most of his opponents. Nothing better than a woman who stands by her man!

4. Tijana Stajsic

Hometown: Sombor

Claim to fame: Stajsic was thrown into the international spotlight in 2001 when she won Miss Yugoslavia, which led to a top 10 finish at the subsequent Miss World competition. Yet, here's the kicker: She has looks that could kill...literally. When she’s not modeling, Stajsic brushes up on her karate skills. Wax on, wax off.

3. Nina Senicar

Hometown: Novi Sad

Claim to fame: Despite being born in Serbia, Senicar got her opportunity to shine in Italy. She shows up regularly throughout their tabloids and also hosts television programs such as Striscia La Notizia and Distraction. Who wouldn’t be distracted by those amazing curves?

2. Ana Ivanovic

Hometown: Belgrade

Claim to fame: Like we said earlier, Novak Djokovic isn’t Serbia’s only tennis star; Ivanovic has had a successful stint on the courts, as well. Her dedication to the sport ultimately led her to the highlight of her career in 2008, when she won the French Open and earned the world's No. 1 ranking.

1. Svetlana "Ceca" Raznatovic

Hometown: Zitoradja

Claim to fame: Svetlana, better known as Ceca, is, simply put, Serbia’s very own Madonna. As the biggest pop star in the entire Balkan region, she's been able to use her popularity to support her ventures into politics, humanitarian work, and even sports.

Being one of the highest paid artists in the Serbian music industry comes with its perks, such as serving a prison sentence from the comfort of one's own home. Word has it that she’s even planning an English language debut with a song featuring Lil’ Wayne and Filip Filipi, which leaves us wondering: Is there anything Raznatovic can't do?
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