Christina Aguilera And Snooki Are Twin sister?

Were Christina aguilera and snooki separated at birth? the photo collection below shows the similar pose and fashion of christina aguilera and snooki, both of them was looks similar like a twin sister. :D really were they both separated at birth?

Christina Aguilera The 30-year-old singer looked like a total mess when she sings "Dirty Diana" at a Michael Jackson tribute concert on the weekend. In fact, she kind of reminded us of trashy reality-TV star, Snooki. In terms of popularity christina aguilera surely beats snooki. Snooki or Nicole Polizzi was known as a Chilean-American reality television personality who appeared on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore

What happen to your looks christina aguilera? Well we miss christina aguilera appearance when she first appear singing genie in a bottle. Big hair, orange skin, unavoidable breasts: The similarities can no longer be ignored. The eerie side-by-side comparisons, below.

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  1. Xtina is a legend and amazing. Snooki is a talentless bitch


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