Celebrity with Natural Beauty Face

There's not much celebrity with natural beauty face, as we know the touch of make up could enhance their appearance. there's so many beautiful celeb out there with their make up but only a few celebrity that can still looks beautiful even without make up. here's some interesting list of the beautiful celebrity wthout make up. check this out guys.

Celebrity with Natural Beauty.

10. Rachel Bilson

The courage to be photographed without make-up is a risky for a magazine. But unlike the young actress Rachel Bilson who still look beautiful without make up, she appear with short hair for People magazine.

9. Jennifer Garner

The actress is rarely wear thick make-up she prefer the natural look. But when she looks at the airport without make-up at all, she just smiled to look fresh and dazzling.

8. Taylor Swift

Having pale skin tones do not hinder this young singer appeared without make- up to People magazine. Evidently she still looks radiant and charming with her blond and curly hair.

7. Katie Holmes

Being an actress and mother is not easy. Tired faces are often caught on camera when She was not wearing make-up. Unlike the case with Katie Holmes who still look pretty and graceful with her ​​hair tied only.

6. Megan Fox

Have a super thick eyebrows make one actress is often looks "bizarre" in dress. But this is precisely the advantage when she appeared without makeup. Finished filming, Megan looks 'free' outward appearance of the powder and still look sensual with her thick eyebrows.

5. Eva Longoria

When photographed for People magazine profile edition without make-up, many are surprised to see the plain face of her. Hard faces of Eva was still look gorgeous.

4. Halle Berry

this actress has an exotic dark skin. As a Cosmetic product model is also rarely seen appear in public without make-up. But while enjoying a relaxing time in a restaurant, She still shows his face the color of a bright complexion.

3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is often seen in various tabloid rumors with a thick makeup. But when she was caught by paparazzi camera was walking leisurely in a mall, she was still looks beautiful with thick eyebrows and eyelashes. Well personally i could call her as the celebrity with the real natural beauty faces.

2. Jessica Biel

Getting off the plane, Jessica Biel's face still look fresh and glowing eyes Even she looks little sleepy though. Supported by a light casual clothing and hairstyle ponytail, this display can be used as an example as a style of casual travel.

1. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga ventured to perform ' plain ' for the cover of U.S. magazine Harper 's Bazaar. Display ala ' Nymph ' is seen in her latest video clip ' You and I '.
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