Miss Universe 2010 Winner

Who is Miss Universe 2010 winner? this night 83 contestant of miss universe 2010 will go on a result show to know who is the new winner of Miss Universe 2010. Miss USA winner, Rima Faqih will compete for the United States. The contest will be held at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.Who is Miss Universe 2010 favorites? and how's miss universe 2010 preliminary round? Check out this Miss Universe 2010 Final Prediction below.

Well i don't know who will become the next miss universe 2010. but i hope that Qory Sandioriva from Indonesia could go to the best five round of miss universe 2010. In the Predictions the Results came in the following order regarding thechances of winning the Competition.

* Miss Russia (Irina Antonenko) The left picture
* Miss Mexico (Jimena Navarrete)
* Miss Philippines (Venus Raj)
* Miss France (Malika Ménard)
* Miss Colombia (Natalia Navarro)

How about rima fakih? why she didn't listed on these predictions? Check out Miss Universe 2010 National costume

However last Year Miss Universe Miss Venezuela Stefanía Fernández has a wish that once again the Miss Universe should be from Venezuela and if this happens then Venezuela will be the first nation to have win in the Three consecutive Miss India Beauty Contestant. Marelisa Gibson is representing Venezuela this year.

This is the Video of Miss Universe 2010 Bikini Photoshot

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