Heidi Montag Spencer Pratt Hot Video Sold for $5 Million

Heidi montag has a sextape video? well the gossip told that Spencer pratt husband of heidi montag will sell heidi montag hot video for $5 Million dollar!!

The Hot Video rumors of a Hollywood actress Heidi Montag was proven. Previously, Heidi's husband, Spancer Pratt who kept a lot of sexually videos of them, with Heidi's appearance before and after plastic surgery, Spencer threatened to release the videos, if Heidi did not want to continue filming the reality show as before.

"The video really exists. And the number is more than one," said one of the sources was quoted as showbizspy.com. The source also added that although Spencer's work as a novelist can not wait to sell sex videos of his wife, he will not actually do it.

"Heidi and Spencer are not planning to divorce, because they're still together. They married couples and they will not split up," said one source who close to them.

Reportedly, Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment bosses, haven't got a deal for the prices offered by Spencer. The price of this heidi montag sex video that was considered was too expensive, it's about $5 million!!

Meanwhile, Spencer is about to be divorced with Heidi, revealed that 23-year-old career woman is going to skyrocket after it released a porn video. He also compares Heidi career with Kim Kardashian, Another Hollywood celebrities whose video was also circulated.

Here's Heidi Montag Hot Video from Youtube

"The trick really disgusting and cruel, but Spencer will do anything to keep her fame, though his pride should be humbled by selling videos. Whatever they do, they will stay together. Spencer could not be anything without the support of Heidi.

So have you find a free download video of heidi montag sextape on the internet? 
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