Erykah Badu Fined for Window Seat Video

Soul singer erykah badu was fined $500 for her NSFW Window seat video, a report also stated that Badu was given 6 months probation due to this video. This soul star do a public striptease on where the past US president John F Kennedy was killed, The "Bag Lady" Hitmaker performed a full striptease in front of strangers struck while walking across Dealey Plaza, a tourist resort in Dallas, Texas

The incident, which took place in March, was shot through his window promotional SEAT. Download Erykah Badu Window Seat Video, Controversial Erykah Badu Music Video

But Badu was charged with disorderly conduct after a female witness complained to the police about the actions of the singer. She pleaded guilty to charges in April, insisting that she had done nothing wrong, but the star was found guilty in court last week.

Badu settled the fine on Friday, August 13, according to a spokesman for the city of Dallas, Frank Librio.

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