Erika Kirihara in Arisan Brondong the Movie

Erika Kirihara in Arisan Brondong the Movie? Well Erika Kirihara was known as Japan AV Idol and she goes to Indonesia to take part in arisan brondong the movie. this news about Erika kirihara playing in arisan brondong the movie was really a big news. before take part in the movie the name of Erika kirihara was not famous in indonesia but after she play a role in arisan brondong the movie her name was going to famous in indonesia.

Well Arisan Brondong the Movie use 2 hot foreign actress as their cover models in arisan brondong posters. it was Erika Kirihara and Heather Storm. Arisan Brondong the movie also played by Bella Saphira as the main character. and also Andi Soraya who is the main actress in Menstruating Ghost of Puncak. even arisan bronodng is not a horror movie like menstrating ghost of puncak but with the help of erika kirihara as the JAV Av Idol it could be the magnet for the movie itself.

Here's a little information about erika kirihara.

Although not as popular as Rin Sakuragi or Miyabi, women who born in Tokyo, Japan on December 15, 1987 is one of the new arrivals JAV Idol rise. Until now, Erika has released eleven porn movie titles.

In the Film 'Arisan Brondong', Erika Performed with Bella Saphira and Hollywood actress Heather Storm. Erika Kirihara act as Nana, the wife of Japanese businessman one of the arisan participants who looks for a young guy.

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