Emma Watson the Richest Teen Hollywood Actress

Emma watson was the richest teen hollywood actress based on vanity fair magazine, she got 20 million poundsterling last year. like we know emma watson was known when she played as hermione in Harry Potters Series. Emma watson is just 19 years old now. so that's why we list her as the richest teen hollywood actress in 2010.

At a very young age, this beautiful actress already has successfully achieved the richest actress in the Hollywood universe. Pretty, popular and accomplished, that a series of achievements that have been achieved actors 'Harry Potter', Emma Watson. Now 19 years old girl was crowned as the richest young actress in Hollywood.

Vanity Fair magazine put Emma Watson in 40th position in the row with the highest incomes actress in Hollywood. Her position was 'only' in the number 40, but the money made by the women who born on 15 April 1990/ is had to match names like Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker to Angelina Jolie. Of course the actress is already involved earlier in the film industry than Watson.

"The earnings in 2009 and was recorded at 20 million Pounds Sterling (USD 293 billion-ed). Everything comes from her role as Hermione in the movie 'Harry Potter'," writes Vanity Fair magazine, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (5/2/2010)

"This amazing achievement for her, will be the story of a remarkable life for her. In a moment she will repeat the year, was in college before her and she became an actress with an expensive fee," added Vanity Fair. What did Emma Watson get this now of course with hard work and efforts. An almost perfect life with everything he had hopefully continue to make modest.

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