Hwang Mi Hee in Korean Auto Show 2009

We back again with Hwang mi hee stuff, Hwang mi hee was known as one of the most famous Korean Auto Show girls. she also listed as one of the most beautiful Asian babe, hwang mi hee also famous with her smile.

Hwang mi hee was born on 21 January 1982, well actually we have posted so many great collection of Hwang Mi Hee before because she's one of my favorite girls. you can see the collection of Hwang Mi Hee Post on Girlsmodele

Hwang Mi Hee was at KOAA show 2009 with plenty of coverage. My favourite outfit from that event was her school girl outfit, which was covered by many photographers

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The Padrino said...

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Anonymous said...

She's just too cute!
doesn't even seem like she's 29!!!

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