Hottest Chick in Metal Annisa Rodriguez

Who is the hottest chick in metal?? She is Annisa Rodriguez. she is also known as the bassist of eyes to set kill band. she start this band with her sister alexia rodriguez. now there's many people admire her.

According to revolver magazine this chicks Anissa Rodriguez was called as the hottest chicks in metal.

Annisa was become the pin up cover of revolver magazine november 2008 issue together with her sister alexia.

ANISSA “Once Greg tried peeing out the window and accidentally peed on my sleeping bag. I didn't even know, and when I went to sleep in my sleeping bag, I started to smell the pee and I realized my sleeping bag was even a little wet. So the grossest thing I ever did was sleep in a pee-stained sleeping bag.”

"Alexia and I were so excited when we found out we were chosen to do 'Hottest Chicks of Metal' feature for Revolver," says Anissa. "It was a lot of fun hanging out with my sister, getting all dolled up and being photographed with each other. It was an awesome experience. Hopefully our fans will check out the pictures in the new issue and some people who have never heard us before will check out our music after reading the mag."

"Doing this photo shoot for Revolver was a really fun experience and an even greater opportunity for us to reach a whole new audience," comments Alexia. "We've put tons of hard work into making our band what it is today, so it feels good to be recognized by one of the biggest magazines for hard music."

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