Helpful tips on airport Internet use

Once again got in a flight delay? It's claimed that 48 minutes is the usual duration of domestic flight delay. It's good you have your laptop, and all the emotions gathered in your chest are just one click away from that gossip blog. There is a significant increase in the use of different electronic devices, including laptops. And airports are now offering wireless connection to the Internet - Wi-Fi. It's clear, that in different airports are different Internet options. And you have to be prepared. Do you get Internet in airport for free, or does it charge for connection? For some tourists, that wish to log on, entering the special airline lounge seems to be the best alternative. But the Wi-Fi for others will definitely be more helpful. And what to do with this eternal problem of dying battery? Open your laptop and see, what airports have got lately with Wi-Fi. Yes, you should know, that sometimes you would pay for using the web in airports, anyhow there are multiple spots that offer connection as a politeness. The biggest US airport providing free Wi-Fi is Las Vegas. Other free airports where Wi-Fi is offered include Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale and Denver. But don't flatter yourself - free of charge doesn't always mean simple and free. The overall opinion seems to be, that free of charge services can be unstable. Some airports, that offer free WI-Fi also include the paid access. On a little more disputable moment, there is a couple of airports, with free Wi-Fi, that have some sites blocked that are considered to be offensive. The question "Is there a Wi-Fi access?" has transformed into the question "Is there a free Wi-Fi access?" regardless of whether you have cheap tickets or business class flights, that travelers will ask most often. But hold on! There are some places where you won't find any wireless capabilities. Going to Van Nuys, California? Or you got a stop in Molokai, Hawaii or Jackson, Mississippi? Then, you have to forget about your e-mail or reading through the RSS news feeds. Outside Honolulu, that has a paid Wi-Fi offer, the majority of airports in Hawaii don't have Wi-Fi at all. Battery life is a frequent problem for people using electronic devices in the airport. Many airports, mostly those frequented by business travelers, did install charging stations where you can renew battery in your cell phone, laptop and many other devices. Also, don't forget to consider plug styles and voltages, if you're traveling to an international airport. Nice drinks, tasty snacks, comfortable seats, a clean bathroom and Internet access. That's the sector of the lounge, that elite business travelers and a few everyday tourists want to pay for the entrance privilege. Most airline lounges include Wi-Fi, and many feature the service in the cost. Which ones? American Airlines, Northwest and British Airways, to name some of them. Many airport lounges also include data ports. There you can connect your computer to the Internet for free. Also, there, you can recharge your dying battery. So, if they want you to pay for Wi-Fi, don't lose heart, only remember to not forget your Internet cable.
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