World's Sexiest Woman Bottoms

What is the most beautiful parts of woman bodies?? some people will say that was their breast, and some of them will answer that was their bottom.. or hip.. and in this post we'll listed about world's sexiest woman bottoms. find out who's the hottest woman with the sexiest hip?? is it your favorite girls??

Let's start this competition from tenth place of World's Sexiest Woman Bottoms

10. Paz Vega - Spain

9. Beyonce - USA

8. Jennifer Lopez - USA

7. Angel Melaku - Ethiopia

6. Jessica Biel

5. Jennifer Aniston - USA

4. Kim Kardashian

More pic of Kim Kardashian

3. Gisele Bundchen

More pic of Gisele Bundchen

2. Vida Guerra - Cuba

1. Sofia Vergara - Colombia

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  1. Sofia has a sexiest ass

  2. She deserve to be #1, she's on another whole level, "MISS SO SEXY ".


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