Valentina Desi - Italian Hot Talented Models

This beautiful and young Valentina desi was a model from Italy, she's only 20 years old now.. look at her expression and especially her eyes and lips, that's really amazing and beautiful, Valentina desi was a photography lover. she think that is one of the best forms of expression that belongs to art. And then of course a matter for the economy. What's better than having fun gaining? is it right??

Perfect body, beautiful face and lips that's all the assets of Valentina Desi - Italian Hot Talented Models

This 20 years old Valentina desi was known as a model, she was from Sardinia Italy, she studied accountancy in the province of Oristano and now live in Milan.

She start her career by a chance she said that "even if I had started earlier in my town to pose for a nightclub for which I worked but only for passion. I was in Milan of way, just to make shots with the legendary Luca Cattoretti (great photographer), I was going to make the season as a waitress in Bibione ... and instead ... my life has changed."

Valentina also said that her favorite parts of her body was her eyes.. that's true you got a beautiful eyes..

This is several great picture of Valentina desi

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