The New Tattoo of Terra Patrick

Who don't know the names of Terra Patrick?? she's the most famous porn star.. and beside that she's known as one of the wealthiest porn star alive.. OK in this opportunity we're not going to talk about her porn career or the porn industry.. but we're gonna talk about her New Tattoo.. but before we start.. do you know what is her real name?? this is a little information for you about Terra Patrick

Terra Patrick was born as Linda Ann Hopkins on 25 July 1976 known professionally as Tera Patrick, is an American pornographic actress. Terra Patrick was also listed as one of FHM's 100 sexiest women.. and she's the first Pornstar appear on the cover of FHM Magazine

And now let's see The New Tattoo of Terra Patrick

Isn't that Sexy?? do you like her new Tattoo??

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