The Voice of Finland - Tarja Turunen

Who is the best female singer in the world?? in our opinion the best female singer in the world was Tarja Turunen, do you know who is tarja turunen?? now girlsmodele will introduce you to ex lead singer of Nightwish.

Tarja Soile Susanna Turunen was born on August 17, 1977 in Finland She was known as co-founder and the former lead vocalist of Finnish symphonic/power metal quintet Nightwish She is seen as one of Finland's biggest singers, having been called "the voice of Finland" by Tarja Halonen, the Finnish president. Enjoy The Voice of Finland - Tarja Turunen

There's not many singer has got a honour from their president, but Tarja was one of the most luckiest singer in the world, Finnish president Tarja Halonen and her husband invited Turunen to the President's Palace in Helsinki in December 2003 for the Finnish Independence Day Party, Finland's biggest social event, where the viewers of Finnish television station Yle named her the most impressively dressed lady, among honors given by several newspapers and magazines.

Don't you think that she has a beautiful eyes??

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