Nereida Galardo - Spanish Hot Model

Remember about Mirella grisalles?? she is one of ex girls of Christiano Ronaldo, and now we will feature another ex girls of Christiano Ronaldo she is Nereida Gallardo

Model Nereida Gallardo was born on March 18, 1983 in Spain.

Not much is known about Gallardo outside her relationship with Manchester United football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Gallardo and Ronaldo are reported to have met at a night club one night on Mallorca, the largest island off mainland Spain and Gallardo’s home. For his part Ronaldo is one of Manchester United’s starplayers. Ronaldo’s friends nevertheless commented at the time that the two were serious in their relationship.

Nereida Gallardo is Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, a spectacular model of mallorquina 24 years, which has recently been home to the popular Spanish magazine male audience, Intervi├║. Nereida Gallardo is a year older than Cristiano Ronaldo, is studying a higher degree of diet and nutrition and works as a nursing assistant, in addition to making their first steps as a model.

Nereida Gallardo and Portuguese footballer met at a nightclub in Majorca in early 2008 and since then their relationship has been very close since they have very often to the extent known to the family and especially Cristiano Ronaldo his mother. This relationship could bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid.

Undoubtedly, her relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and his appearance on posing nude Intervi├║ have launched the popularity of this young Spanish. However, it is not yet known as Cristiano Ronaldo will have to sit naked in his interview.

Gallardo vehemently denied the rumors despite reports from various anonymous sources that Ronaldo was upset about Gallardo’s past relationship with another footballer, Sergio Ramos. Ronaldo has since been connected to another girl, Letizia Filippi.

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