Most Beautiful Iraqi Woman - Rosil Al Azawi

Miss the mid eastern woman?? now we're back with a beautiful woman from Iraq, unlike all of previous mid eastern models which are featured here, she is not a singer but she is a news presenter. she is Rosil al Azawi, she was known as Iraqi television presenter.. i think she is a little bit like a latina girls what do you think?? OK now let's enjoy this Most Beautiful Iraqi Woman - Rosil Al Azawi

Rosil Al Azawi (born January 11, 1987 in Sharjah, UAE) is an Iraqi television presenter based in the United Arab Emirates and she has often been dubbed The Iraqi Beauty Queen

She has also been interviewed numerous times, recently on air by Rotana hosts on Ya Hala Show. She has also hosted one of the biggest music shows in the Arab world, "Bait Al Nojoom" on Aghani TV. Azawi has also hosted a Music Mix programme for the UAE channel Ajman TV

Most Beautiful Iraqi Woman - Rosil Al Azawi Most Beautiful Iraqi Woman - Rosil Al Azawi Reviewed by Chika Anindita on 10:02 PM Rating: 5


  1. hoooot...ive seen a few like her in iraq

  2. haha shes the most beautiful iraqi girl. No this is wrong dude there are a lot of beautiful iraqi girls. this girl is just kinda cute

  3. she just looks like a normal american girl...

  4. I think she's an Arabian. UAE women are much less conservative than Persian ones.

  5. Persian mix Arabs more dark Long time Persian people look like her. Her gene and blood is pass years.
    DNA could proof that is more Persian then Arab.Mix people in mid east give beautiful women.


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