Aimee Morakot - Most Beautiful Thai Celebrity

Remember about Nok Ausnee and also Chompoo Araya?? they're both was a Thailand girls, now we have another Thailand beuaties and it comes from Aimee morakot, she was a best friend of chompoo araya.

You know that Amiee is Thai sexy, popular model and actress. She also won The Miss Thailand Universe Pageant in 2004. Morakot Kittisara was born in England. She graduated with the Bachelor of Law Degree from Brunel University in England. She was also voted number 29 sexiest woman in the world in 2006 by FHM Thailand ( 100 sexiest women contest).

She was the winner of Miss Thailand Universe in 2004. She has a lot of Thai Lakorn - Movie Flim and appearance on Thai television. She is the number 29 of Sexiest Women by FHM Thai edition.

A 23 year old student, model, actress and host with pleasing beauty, blooming, having a sexy body. An Asian sexy model, Asian hot girl, FHM sexiest Thai model, Thai hot girl, Thai sexy model, that was Morakot Aimee Kittisara known of. She was born at England wherein his Thai parents raised her. She’s a Bachelor of Law degree graduate at Brunel University, England

A Miss Thailand Universe awardee, held at Bangkok, Thailand last March 27, 2004 and the first to represent Thai during the Miss Universe that is not born in Thailand. Morakot speaks Thai language fluently even if she’s born and grew up in England.
Her name “Morakot” means Emerald in English that really corresponds to her beauty just like a gem stone shinning, tantalizing and alluring. Meet the beauty beyond your imagination, meet Morakot Aimee Kittisara.

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