Amal Hijazi - Pretty Lebanese Singer

Mid Eastern models especially a lebanesse singer are always so beautiful with their bold eyes.. and warm smiles, remember about darine hadchiti?? now girlsmodele brought you another Lebanese singer, she is amal hijazi, you can find a little information about her below and also her picture, she is really beautiful.. for those who love a mid eastern models and faces this girls picture is really great to collect.. OK so do you wanna know more about Amal Hijazi

Amal Hijazi or Amal Higazi (Arabic:أمل حجازى) (born on February 20, 1978) is a Lebanese singer, model and pop icon. She is currently one of the most active Lebanese singers and has given a number of concerts throughout the world and has made countless TV appearances. After her lengthy career as a fashion model, Hijazi released her debut album, Akher Gharam in 2001 to commercial success. It became one of the biggest selling albums of the year, ranking on number eight Official Sales charts published by the Chart Magazine. She released her second album Zaman in mid 2002 with even greater success. The album released four number one hit singles, "Zaman", "Oulhali", "Einak" and "Romansyia" catapulting her to phenomenal success. A third album Bedawwar A Albi was released in early 2004 followed by the release of her fourth album Baya al Ward in 2006. The album's breakthrough of the same name caused the entertainer to face negative critical publicity and a number of controversies.

Hijazi continued to remain in the forefront of pop music with the release of her much awaited Gulf single "Nefsy Tefhamny" in 2007. She released her fifth studio album Keef el Amar in 2008, thus bringing her back on the spotlight once again.

Hijazi's personal life began to gain more media attention after her break-up from her former business manager Sharbel Domat. She currently lives with her mother in Beirut and has adopted a girl named Nour. In addition, Hijazi well known for her support in charity projects has promoted humanitarian causes throughout the world.

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