10 Hottest Bond's Girl ever

Girlsmodele brought you to bond's lady, now i wanna share about who is the sexiest and hottest bond's girl?? Finally the newest movie of james bond which is titled "Quantum of solace" are released..In "Quantum Solace" 29-year ukrainka Olga Kurilenko is Kamila, another Bond girl. But she unfortunately does not fall in ranking, comprised of U.S. journalists... so who is the sexiest and the hottest bond's lady?? do you wanna know the list?? Check this out guys..

And for most Sexy females involved in the Bond films to have been recognized:
All this time the role of Bond girl was attractive for professional, and for those actresses.

Bond girls have always been the most beautiful, most talk, but their success is the top career garantiran.Tazi role has become a ticket happiest world of cult directors' fees and fantastic.

1. Halle Berry - Dzhinks role in "Die another day" (2002)

2.Ursula Anders - as Hani from "Doctor No" (1962)

3. Eva Green - Vesper Lind in "Casino Royale" (2006)

4.Jill Saint-John - Tiffany in "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971)

5.Jane Seymour - Soliter in "Live and Let Die" (1973)

6.Barbara Bach - play Anya Amasova in "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977)

7.Denise Richards - Krismas Jones in "The World Is Not Enough" (1999)

8.Teri Hatcher - Paris Carver in "Tomorrow Never Dies" (1997)

9.Famke Janssen - as Kseniya Onatop in "Golden Eye" (1995)

10.Klodin Ozh - as Dominic in "Thunderball" (1965)

So which one do you like the most?? share your opinion here.. thanks and don't forget to see and watch Hottest Metal chicks - Christina Scabbia the exclusively on girlsmodele. thanks for your attention

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  1. This is really a good one!
    We like this kind of post from you more and more. So don't stop keep posting like this.
    Thanking you

  2. Halle Berry on 1?
    Eva Green, Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards and Famke Janssen are far more sexier.....


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