Sexiest Korean Actress

Who is the sexiest Korean Actress? Well I'm sure that you must be familiar with Hwang Mi Hee. since there's so many post about hwang mi hee photoshot in this blog, but unfortunately hwang mi hee is not on the list of the sexiest korean actress. So who are they?

10. Kim Hye Su

Although she was no longer young, The woman who was born on 5 September 1970 is still on the list of sexiest actress in Korea. Actress who was born in Busan is still active in the Korean entertainment stage. In addition to being a model and actress, Kim Hye Su also known as a presenter. Many events that guided these artists, including talk show 'SBS Plus You '.

Kim Hye Su debut in the Korean entertainment world in 1986. She got a role in the movie 'GGambo'. He got a major role when she was in junior high school. However, her name became known publicly when she starred in the series' Did We Really Love? accompany the actor Bae Yong Joon.

Although many emerging artists, Kim Hye Su remains still survive. She still got a place for her career

9. Shi-Hyang

Shi-Hyang known as Korean sexy model. Not infrequently a pretty face and beautiful body that graced magazine pages in the country with a challenging poses. Besides known as a model, Shi-Hyang also bring some reality show on Korean television.

8. Kim Yoo Bin

Kim Yoo Bin is one of the personnel of Wonder Girls Group. This vocal group on the rise in Korea. She was born on October 4, 1986

At the Wonder Girls, Yoo Bin replace other personnel who come out of that group for health reasons. In her group, the Yoo Bin famous as a singer rapper.

7. Han Chae Young

Han Chae Young, is one of the famous Korean actress. She deliberately took the art department at Dongguk University. Her appearance in the series 'Delightful Girl', had to get criticism from some observers.

They considered the series that starring by the artist's birth 13 September 1980 will not succeed. Apparently the assumption was wrong. The series success and catapulted the name of this beautiful woman. Serial is a favorite among young and adults.

Her appearance with a beautiful body supported by the proportional make Chae Young got the nickname as Korean Barbie doll. She also had supporting other bestselling series 'Boys Over Flowers' that catapulted Lee Min Ho Name.

In the series which was appointed by the Japanese story 'Hana Yori Dango'is, Young Chae Min Seo Hyun serve as a model who is also the first love of JiHoo played by Kim Hyun Joong

6. Kwon Yu Ri

Kwon Yu-Ri is known as a singer, actress, model and dancer from Korea. She is one of the personel on woman vocal group Girls Generation. She was born on December 5, 1989 she started her career in the Korean Entertainment industry from scratch.

auditioned for SM Casting System. Then she joined after winning the contest management 'SM Youth Best Dancer Contest' as the second winner. Then she underwent training for 5 years and 11 months before she finally made ​​its debut as an artist.

5. Son Dambi

Son Dambi is known as one versatile artist. Besides known as a singer, Son Dambi also pursue acting and modeling. Her name is a conversation the first time since his debut in the Korean entertainment world.

Women born 25 September 1983 since emerged, her face had attracted attention. She immediately appeared in various advertisements and also video clips. She began to publicly known since emerged as a star with Hyun Joon MP3 ad.

Before starting her career as an artist, MSN Japan had made ​​a documentary film that shows the Son Dambi training. This video turned out to attract attention. This video is visited by 480 thousand within five days.

4. Han Ga In

Han Ga In is a South Korean model and actress. She was born on February 2, 1982. Her real name is Kim Hyon Joo. She started her debut in 'Sunshine Hunting'. Then, she starred in 'Super Rookie' with actor Eric Mun.

She is married to actor Yun Hung Hoon who is the co-star in 'Yellow Handkerchief'. Although already married, do not make this beautiful artist's popularity faded. Proven bid for the bid remains toward this woman.

3. Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo beautiful face would be familiar to the public in the country. Pretty face may seem familiar through several series that played the artist who had just broken up with actor Hyun Bin

Song Hye Kyo has starred in many series such as 'Full House' with Rain as well as stories that confuse blue through the series'Endless Love' with Song Seun Heun.

Almost all the drama, starring the artist who entered the ranks of the world's 100 most beautiful women is always become hits. That certainly makes the popularity of Song Hye Kyo in Korean entertainment world remains unshakable despite new stars continue to color the world of entertainment of Korea.

2. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori publicly known as a singer and actress. The star made ​​her debut in the Korean entertainment stage by joining a vocal group Fin.KL But, after that, she decided to pursue a solo career. she earned a success. Debut album managed to achieve success and recognition.

Lee Hyori is also known as a sexy actress because of her beauty and body beauty. In fact, she did not hesitate to flaunt the body beautiful to the public. In many magazines, she often look sexy. In fact, she received the title 'queen sexy'.

1. Jeon Ji Hyun

Jeon Ji Hyun, also known as Gianna Jun. She is other than as a model, also pursue acting. A number of films and series have starred such a beautiful artist.

As in 'My Sassy Girl', 'Windstruck' and 'Il Mare'. In fact, the movie 'Il Mare'that the American director interested in making the film version of his American. Then, the film titled 'Lake House'. For the American version, this film starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.
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